AAA strata office ownership means cost control, financial stability, and the ability to build equity with the security of a long-term asset.

No other building in Metrotown offers a purely strata ownership opportunity. At Capital Point, the sophistication of AAA office ownership comes to this prestigious location with exceptional design and an iconic presence in the global business landscape.


The smartest money in the world owns AAA office
real estate as a blue chip investment to diversify
their real estate portfolio.

Metrotown’s Most
Prestigious Office Towers

An iconic landmark redefines the city skyline
with striking contemporary architecture to mark
the area’s first pure strata office tower.

Historically High Demand

Commercial lease rates have shown significant
growth in Metrotown as businesses compete
for premium office space

Low 3.5% Vacancy

Historically low 3.5 percent vacancy rates
on SkyTrain routes put high-quality office space

Rapidly Rising Value

In just three years, Metrotown office ownership
has increased in value by 74%. in highest-ever demand.